Q1. What do you offer?

A: We offer various patterns hair bundle / closures / frontals / various kind of lace wigs 

Q2. Is your hair 100% human hair? 

A: Yes, the hair is 100% human hair with full cuticle aligned, no fiber mixed, no acid bath, natural unprocessed.

Q3. Is your hair acid processed?

A: None of our hair was acid processed.

Q4. What hair do you have?

A: Unprocessed hair virgin hair sourced from our vendor from Vietnam 

Q5. How many donors of your hair?

A. Unprocessed hair (multiple donors), Raw hair/ donor hair is single donor hair

Q6. What's the different between virgin and raw hair?

A: 1. Material: raw hair is one donor hair, unprocessed virgin hair is multiple donors hair.
     2. Bleached ability: raw hair may bleached to #613, unprocessed hair because of multiple donors can lift up to #6/27
     3. Lifespan: raw hair last over 6 years, unprocessed virgin hair can also last up to 6 years when left in its natural state no chemicals or dye or bleaching 

 Q7. Where are you base in?

A: United Kingdom, East Midlands 

Q8. How long you guys have been in business?

A: Hair experience of over 10+years, hair selling business for over 2 years 

Q9. Can the hair be dyed / bleached / permed?

A: Yes, our hairs are 100% human hair can be dyed, bleached and permed.

Q10. Can the hair be bleached to #613?

A: Unprocessed hair can lift up to 6/27 and our raw (not yet available) can lift up to 613.

Q10. What patterns do you have?

 A: Body wave / Straight /  Burmese Deep wave / Water wave  

Q11. How many gram of your hair?

A: Bundles weight:100g

Q12. What lengths your hair up to?

A:  bundles from 16" to 30" inches 

Q13. Will your hair hold the curl well?

A: Yes, the curl will hold well, does not smell of burning 

Q14. Will the hair shed or tangle? 

A: minimum  shedding
Tangle: Usually, our hair will not tangle because it is full cuticle intact human hair. However, dryness, oil & dirt build-up, salt water or not combing out daily will lead to tangle and shedding. Please follow hair care instruction and use good shampoo & conditioner to wash hair twice a week.

Q15. Why the hair has grey hair? 

A: As it is virgin hair, we keep its original state, kindly understand there might be some minimum grey hair existing  in the bundle.

Q16. Does The Hair Have A Bad Smell?

A: Our hair is 100% chemical-free. We not only care about beauty but also our customer’s health! But we do co-wash the hair in production process, so it may have a little shampoo smell.

Q17. What lace size do you have?

A: We have lace items in the size: Swiss Lace and  HD Lace.

Q18. What wig cap size do you have?

A: Small / medium / large. Pls tell us the size you need as you place the order.

Q19. What is the density of your lace wigs?

A: We use 3 or more  bundles to make our wigs and the longer the hair specially straight hair, the more bundles we use to provide fullness.

Q20. What is the shipping methods?


Q21. What is your process time?

A: it depends on the item, custom wigs take up to 10-25 days and bundles can take up to 10-20 working days as both the wigs or bundles are made to order

Q22. How long will I get my package?

A: depends on the item as our bundles are made to order and so is our wigs