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Tambi Edge Slayer Lace Melting Band For Wigs

Tambi Edge Slayer Lace Melting Band For Wigs

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Our edge slayer is made from a fabric that SOAKS in the moisture. Leaving it dry, unlike polyester or nylon fabric . A MUST have to achieve the perfect melt or if you just want to protect your install as you shower. 

Can be easily adjusted, so no headaches from it being tight. Great as a headband too.

  • Made from Dacron and elastic bands 
  • Velcro ends 
  • No lines on your forehead
  • perfect for gym + applying your makeup on or as a headband
  • Soaks IN the moisture and leaves your baby hair dry
  • Available in size 2.5cm and 3cm ( pictured is 2.5cm + 3cm)




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